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Centralization of Sales Data


Empresas SB




Santiago, Chile

Use Case

Data Analytics


SB Companies is a holding company comprised of twelve subsidiaries in the fields of health, beauty, and wellness. Among its companies, Salcobrand, Preunic, and Make Up stand out. It employs approximately 10,000 collaborators and operates nearly 500 retail locations throughout the country.

Business Challenges

Empresas SB had a BI infrastructure that needed to be optimized. The data extraction and transformation processes were not efficient, requiring excessive manual hours for processing.

Main Business Challenges:

Empresas SB aimed to adopt cloud technologies that would support the creation of a data governance strategy enabling better utilization for various business models.

It took a significant amount of time for Empresas SB to access logistics, operations, and sales data. They needed to know:

  • What has been sold?

  • How much stock is remaining?

  • What products are incoming, among others?

Moreover, they lacked the necessary information to build precise KPIs for sales, limiting the utilization of data for business insights and predictive and intelligence models.


The integration of Empresas SB and Arkho teams was crucial in achieving a common goal. The client's relevant areas, such as Security, Infrastructure, BI, and Business, played a key role in ensuring stakeholders' high degree of involvement in the process.

Early initiation of proof-of-concept tests for data ingestion from production databases was a pivotal point in the process. This procedure was complex for an organization seeking near-real-time data availability. Working together with AWS, joint workgroups were formed to address critical service limit issues. Once the data loading procedure was resolved, experimentation and modernization of the data process took place, resulting in the creation of a reference architecture for future maximum effectiveness.


  • A process of building a Data Lake and modernizing the Data Warehouse on AWS was initiated.

  • A highly scalable solution enables meeting the data needs of different business areas without relying on internal infrastructure.

  • The agility, operational efficiency, and early value generation have accelerated the process of handling reliable information, reducing waiting times from over 2 days to a synchronization model with just a one-hour lag, achieving a 98% optimization.

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