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Delivering intelligent chatbots for education in Chile


Ministerio de Educación




Santiago, Chile

Use Case

Aplication Modernization


The Ministry of Education of Chile (MINEDUC) is responsible for managing all policies related to educational development and the management of the educational budget. The responsibility of MINEDUC extends to all educational levels, from basic education to university and postgraduate education. One of the main responsibilities of MINEDUC is to keep the Chilean community informed about its public policies and provide accurate information to all Chilean citizens.

Business Challenges

The issuance of educational certificates for Chilean citizens is one of the most utilized services in the country. Manual generation of certificates was costly as it involved call centers, manual document processing, and the ability to respond to a growing number of requests through the call center channel. The Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) sought to provide self-service automated services through a chatbot where citizens could generate educational certificates automatically.

Ultimately, the drivers that ensure the best solution for MINEDUC include:

  • Chat analysis: Using Lambda to validate, control the flow, and extract keywords from user chat interactions in Lex.

  • Search and indexing: Creating a database based on MINEDUC's taxonomy to classify information and provide a reliable index for search.

  • Question and answer data management: A layer that maintains all the information in the system.

  • Complete management: The implementation leverages serverless technology, reducing operational costs and significantly lower TCO costs.

  • High availability: The application must ensure high availability without administration.

Low-cost data processing using serverless computing and cloud data warehousing


  • Lex and the application maintenance team are responsible for the Lambda backend layer.

  • Lambda manages and validates the conversational flow.

  • Smart search was implemented in AWS Elasticsearch for keywords, tags, and responses, all managed by Lambda.

  • Minimal human interaction for operation.

  • Automatic response before requirements grow.

  • Significantly lower cost compared to traditional virtual machine or on-premises infrastructure.

  • Serverless allows for deploying a static site on S3, saving infrastructure costs when not in use.

  • Faster time to market, faster development time, and quicker deployments.

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