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Automating the digitalization of energy in Chile


Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional


Industrial / Energy


Santiago, Chile

Use Case

Aplication Modernization


The National Electric Coordinator is responsible for ensuring companies' access to the National Energy System in Chile. This makes our client a key player in the country's growth by ensuring compliance with regulations in all segments of the energy sector.

Business Challenges

Our client is responsible for ensuring open access to the energy grid in Chile. To ensure compliance with open access, the Chilean government has created laws and policies that are under the administration of our client. This regulatory framework is crucial to ensure equal opportunities for all market players.

The case for adopting an automated, DevOps, and serverless approach was opened as the company was willing to shift from the traditional operation and implementation approach. The following challenges were identified:

  • Reduce the number of errors in new deployments and minimize downtime during production deployments.

  • Minimize operational costs by providing the necessary infrastructure and code automation for IT operations.

  • Decrease time to market for new features or regulatory changes in the open access process.

  • Ability to create new environments and infrastructure in new regions and achieve high service availability.


The automation technology approach primarily focuses on two different factors: automated infrastructure and backend deployment.

The first phase involved addressing the environment provisioning challenge by creating templates to deploy the entire infrastructure. In addition to the infrastructure, all DevOps resources for automation are also implemented to ensure maximum portability.

A modern serverless application, optimizing business costs to the fullest

The second phase involves implementing the backend of the application, which is mostly developed using Lambda functions and successfully models a serverless application using AWS Lambda and API Gateway. Deployment operations are performed through CI/CD and coordinated using cloud formation templates and AWS CodePipeline.

Finally, a Blue/Green deployment pattern was selected to ensure maximum service availability.

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