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Reduce costs and control security in the cloud

nOps -propuesta
nOps -propuesta
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¿Conoces cómo una buena integración de arquitectura puede incrementar tus oportunidades de negocio?

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The Leading Observability Platform on AWS

ARKHO, through the nOps platform, allows to speed up workloads on AWS as much as possible, improving productivity, optimizing costs and visualizing opportunities for improvement.

nOps is the only cloud infrastructure management and intelligent control platform that is purpose-built with the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework in mind, and optimized for DevOps teams. (DevOps) who need to be able to intervene with maximum agility.


Solve problems in the cloud faster and more efficiently by providing automated solutions, optimizing times by 70%



  • Assess cloud workloads centrally

  • Supports automation processes (DevOps DNA)

  • Optimize infrastructure based on discovery.

  • Tools, scripts, APIs & Processes that help standardization.

  • Helps determine the proper scale (Rightsizing)

  • Allows you to generate cost notifications and alerts

  • Detection of security vulnerabilities and access

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Save up to 50% of expenses in cloud services

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