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Private sector

We guide private companies in the process of transformation and adoption of cloud technologies.

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A new Retail with data

  • Know the habits of each client and create personalized experiences.

  • Generate campaigns with measurable performance in real time​.

  • Make decisions with quantitative and qualitative information​.

  • Mitigate operational and financial risks through detailed forecasting.

  • Maintain complete control and visibility of inventories​.

Combining analytical solutions with a cloud architecture designed for this sector, it allows to meet fluctuations in demand, processes transactions without complications and mitigates stock outs.

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Driving Innovation in the Electronic Industry with Technological Solutions

Drive the development of electronic products, we help companies improve the quality and efficiency of their products, and stay ahead in a highly competitive market.


Optimizing Efficiency and Quality in the Manufacturing Sector.

Through the implementation of supply chain management systems, process automation and data analysis, we help manufacturing companies reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and improve the quality of their products.

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Transforming the Multimedia and Entertainment Experience

Allows the efficient creation, management and distribution of digital content, through streaming platforms, interactive applications and content personalization services, we help companies optimize their processes and ensure efficient distribution.

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Effective Digital Strategies in the Advertising and Marketing Sector

We use technologies such as data analytics, marketing automation, and real-time personalization to optimize advertising campaigns, improve audience segmentation, and increase companies' return on investment.


Improving the Customer Experience and Optimizing Processes in the Travel and Hospitality Sector

We provide technological solutions that improve the customer experience, reservation management and operational efficiency of travel and hospitality companies. Through mobile applications, reservation management systems and data analysis solutions, we help to optimize processes.

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Promoting Innovation and Efficiency in the Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Sector

We help to optimize project management, work monitoring and control applications, and collaboration platforms in the cloud. We improve planning, execution and encourage transparency and collaboration between work teams, suppliers and customers.

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Advising Strategically for Digital Transformation in Various Sectors

We work closely with companies to identify digital transformation opportunities, optimize their operations, improve information security, and develop technology strategies that drive growth and competitiveness.

ARKHO guides you in the creation of an intelligent infrastructure that will be your competitive advantage

Success Stories

Review our success stories in various sectors and industries of the economy

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