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Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility: migrate to the cloud

We carry out application migration projects from On-premise environments to AWS cloud.

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Cloud Migration Service is designed to move applications, data and IT resources from on-premises storage servers to cloud infrastructure. Helping you overcome challenges like high server costs and storage scalability, as well as access IT tools offered by the AWS Cloud.


Migrating can solve the problems you have with your infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency collaboratively between areas. These tools will help keep you in the market, giving you a competitive advantage.

Our cloud migration service will allow you to transform your company and take it to the next level, with the confidence of having AWS and ARKHO by your side at all times.

Migrating to the cloud can reduce infrastructure costs by 50% and IT administration costs by 25%


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  • Greater flexibility to access your data and applications from anywhere and at any time, especially for remote work.

  • High security standards, capable of handling real-time threats to data and applications.

  • Lower IT infrastructure costs, you don't have to invest in expensive hardware or maintenance. We provide you with software updates and patches.

  • Greater scalability, increase or decrease the storage and processing capacity of data according to the needs of your company and pay only for its use.

Reduce your server downtime by 90% compared to your previous infrastructure


Migrating to Amazon Web Services

ARKHO specializes in the migration to the Amazon Web Services cloud, offering solutions and services that allow companies to move their systems and applications safely and efficiently, providing a wide variety of services that allow companies to scale their infrastructure in a way flexible.


With ARKHO's experience in cloud migration, your company will take full advantage of the benefits and have a smooth transition to your new infrastructure.

Solution Areas

A Data Warehousing or data storage is a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make better informed decisions. Data flows into a data warehouse from transactional systems, relational databases and other sources, usually at a regular cadence. Business analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and decision makers gain access to data using business intelligence (BI) tools, SQL clients and other analysis applications.


AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

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