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Providing Cloud Automation to Aid in the Fight Against Cancer


Fundación Arturo Lopez Pérez


Non-profit organization


Santiago, Chile

Use Case



Fundación Arturo López Pérez (FALP) is a non-profit institution that operates under a solidarity model, providing a comprehensive set of medical services for the treatment of oncological diseases in Chile. Through the Oncology Agreement and contributions from its members and associated companies, the foundation offers specialized medical services for cancer, including diagnosis, treatment, research, and education.

Desafíos del negocio

The client needed a digital presence website to facilitate interaction within the clinic and the various services offered by the foundation. The cloud infrastructure utilizes two leading applications that serve as the primary digital communication channel between the company and end patients, providing general content about the foundation, cancer disease, treatment, research, and self-service functions. The following key topics motivated the use of AWS CloudFormation technologies:

  • Strategic digital website: Create a digital website that represents the brand, using the associated look and feel for the institute.

  • Improved customer service: Provide key self-service capabilities for end patients and their families, including access to important content, appointment scheduling, payments, etc.

  • Scalability assurance: In line with a regional digital business strategy, be able to scale the service across different countries.

  • Faster response time: Reduce the time involved in executing business integrations and user interactions. Reduce operational costs.

  • Automate the creation of assets and IT technology, keeping operational costs to a minimum.

  • Support for business metrics and analytics: Integrate third-party tools to provide key metrics for business operations and services.


As a result of infrastructure automation and code base automation, our client is utilizing AWS CloudFormation as a continuous delivery system, leveraging the entire stack of AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, and AWS CodeDeploy services, supporting the following key features:

Complete automation of the deployment process for public websites, resulting in significant cost reduction in administrative tasks and TCO.

  • Automated implementation for every change made in any branch configured for the production and testing environment, providing easy deployment and version control, and reducing time to market for new features.

  • Support for replicating a complete base infrastructure for new environments, further reducing operational costs in IT activities.

  • Quick resolution of incidents and easy implementation of a CI delivery pipeline using AWS resources.

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