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CUECH signs a contract with Arkho company for information storage

Article published on the website of the Consortium of State Universities of Chile, by Silvia Gutiérrez González.

The management was carried out through the University of Tarapacá, who initially issued a public and open tender on the Mercado Público portal, and recently signed a contract with Arkho for AWS credits for Cloud Computing. This will enable the efficient operation and maintenance of the Integrated Information System of State Universities.

The Consortium of State Universities of Chile (CUECH), committed to the state policy of directing services and infrastructure towards the cloud, has determined that the required technological foundation for the implementation of the "Integrated Information System" of State Universities, developed within the framework of Project PFUE-RED20993, will be built on a cloud platform.

The signing of this contract between the University of Tarapacá and Arkho will provide Cloud Computing services for the development and implementation of data integration services, analysis and reporting of indicators, management of models for Data Science, a Data Lake for file storage, computing servers for BI, and development environments for statistical models based on open-source code (Python and/or R). Additionally, it will offer serverless services for running code on instances on-demand or as needed, as well as resource management and monitoring software and credits. Alongside tools that enable Data Governance and User Profile management, given the diverse range of users who will access the platform.

The Integrated Information System, being a large data repository with heterogeneous sources of information, required the consultancy and software development expertise of a specialized big data company, particularly for data transfer and storage, data preprocessing, indexing, descriptive and predictive analysis, among other tasks.

The implementation of the Cloud Computing technological model by Arkho, combined with the enhancement of the teams in the Analysis Units of state universities, both technically and technologically, will enable data governance and ensure that all processes are managed and computed with high levels of security.

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