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6 characteristics to look for in a consultant to transform your company

Having specialists to accompany you on your journey towards Digital Transformation is crucial for your business to grow and adapt to an interconnected world without losing the human touch.

The idea is not only to have access to intelligent tools to make better decisions, but also to have the best partner to empower your business and employees, accelerate operations, optimize each area, transparentize data, and generate savings with efficiency.

For over 13 years, ARKHO has focused on providing cloud technology services and solutions.

Our leadership and expertise place us among the top 30% of the most specialized partners of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the region. Additionally, we are partners of the Public Sector in Chile, where we contribute cutting-edge solutions for government institutions.

Beyond providing Big Data and Analytics solutions, application modernization, and cloud architecture, we create strategic alliances with our clients to help them solve the most complex transformation challenges.

Reasons to believe

Whether it's a transformation consulting service or any other product, understanding the benefits is crucial for evaluating its inclusion in your annual budget.

You can create a checklist with these elements to assess the consultative maturity of the partner who intends to accompany you in your transformation:

  • Is the technical team highly certified in Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology, and does their expertise facilitate cloud adoption in your company?

  • Are the consultants leaders in data analytics, architecture, and cloud experience modernization?

  • Is your company fully protected through access policies, networks, and other security practices?

  • Is there support in research, management, handling, and resolution of incidents?

  • Is there guidance and support to maintain control over your operations and infrastructure?

  • Do the consultants offer the best response times to guarantee personalized and reliable service?

We can help you

ARKHO is a technology trusted advisor obsessed with customer service, covering all the points listed above. The experience with BCI Seguros makes it clear: CONOCE NUESTRO CASO DE ÉXITO: BCI seguros – soluciones de modernización de Data Warehouse en la nube BCI Seguros received technical support to migrate its operations to the cloud, gained knowledge to identify areas of opportunity, engaged interdisciplinary teams linking technology, management, and infrastructure for operational change and adoption of new technologies.

One of the benefits of this joint work was a reduction in manual processing time from 5 days to just one. This allowed BCI Seguros to better utilize its resources and transform its information into better decisions to optimize its customer service.

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