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About Us

With over 15 years of experience, ARKHO supports digital transformation processes by facilitating cloud migration, bridging technology gaps, and implementing solutions for our clients throughout Latin America. ARKHO helps clients strategically differentiate themselves with AWS cloud data solutions.

Our IT consultants and cloud migration specialists provide a customer-centric environment to ensure that each solution meets the unique needs of every client.

ARKHO is an Advanced-level partner of AWS, an AWS Public Sector partner, an Authorized Commercial Reseller, and an APN Immersion Days partner.

Archer Attitude

  • Responsibility.

  • Collaborative Attitude.

  • Transparency.

  • Tolerance.

  • I respect.

  • Trust in the team.

  • Perseverance.

  • Work based on objectives.

  • Training.

  • Continuous improvement effort.


We have an attitude that defines us:

An archer has strong technical knowledge and skills in their area of expertise, as well as the ability to adapt and learn quickly.

It is important that an archer is committed to meeting the needs of Arkho's customers and offering them a quality service.


Technical competence

The ability to collaborate and work effectively with other team members is essential to the success of any Arkho employee.

An archer must be professional in their approach and treat clients, colleagues, and business partners with respect and ethics.



Archers must be focused on achieving goals and objectives, and be able to take effective steps to achieve them.

The ability to identify problems, analyze situations and find effective solutions is a valuable quality for an archer.

Problem resolution

Orientation to results

In an ever-changing business environment, the ability to quickly adapt to new situations and work effectively under pressure is essential.


logo building happiness

by Buk

Top 6 en Empresas más felices de chile

En ARKHO generamos un espacio de trabajo donde se fomenta la innovación, se promueve el desarrollo personal y se celebra el éxito.

*Ranking Building Happiness by Buk 2023 Medianas Empresas

Said by our clients

"ARKHO has the knowledge and experience in AWS to implement DEV, Pre-Prod and Production environments."

Ripley's Bank

Our team

ARKHO management team

aluna (2).png

Andrés Luna

  • LinkedIn

Co - Fundador & CEO


Jaime Vargas

  • LinkedIn



Nicol Campusano

  • LinkedIn

Coordinador de Marketing


Raúl Plata

  • LinkedIn

Co - Fundador & CFO


Mirella Mathieu

  • LinkedIn

Gerente de Recursos Humanos


Cristian Inostroza

  • LinkedIn



Eduardo Burgos

  • LinkedIn

Gerente Comercial


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