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Public sector

We guide public institutions in their process of transformation and adoption of cloud technologies.


Institutions are evolving 

  • Store all types of data at low cost, with easy access and actionable visibility.

  • Use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to process large amounts of data, without errors.

  • Facilitates collaboration between professionals to obtain better results.

  • Complies with local and international security and privacy regulations.

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We support new educational models with technology

Institutions at all levels are in urgent digitization processes with the implementation of a cloud architecture at its core.

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We make the Public Sector of Government more efficient

Develop new citizen services that are efficient, low-cost and easy to recover data in critical situations. Promote collaboration between offices and officials to expedite procedures and guarantee transparency.

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We promote the Energy Sector through Technological Solutions

The implementation of advanced technologies in the energy sector can provide significant benefits, such as improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and optimizing the use of resources.

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We give way to Smart Health

In the health sector, decisions can be crucial. That is why it is essential to have intelligent technological support that facilitates and optimizes processes between areas.​

ARKHO guides you in the creation of an intelligent infrastructure that will be your competitive advantage

It does not matter if you are one of the main players in the health sector or an education specialist, we support your digital transformation.

The cloud provides agility to all types of businesses, making it possible to access critical information from anywhere and between work teams.

We also modernize the applications so that they work in this new environment and facilitate the digital transformation of your company.

We implement analytical tools so that you make better decisions, supported by data and not assumptions.

Success Stories

Review our success stories in various sectors and industries of the economy

Indicadores clave de la gestión en la institución
Automatizando la digitalización de la energía en Chile
Plataforma de Estados Operativos de las Centrales Generadoras de Energía
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